Unilever Dry Spray & Walgreens VoxBox

Ok, so I’m a sucker for trying new things.  I’ve tried hair colors never before meant in nature for someone of my skin tone, colored contacts in colors that look more reptillian than human, and even lipsticks that looked as if they were rescued from the makeup kit for “The Walking Dead”.  Therefore, when Influenster wanted to send me a Unilever Dry Spray & Walgreens VoxBox to try a few new products for review (Official line is: “received these products complimentary for testing purposes” per the fine print at Influenster), I said “SURE! Sign me up!”.

The box arrived in the mail late last week, and to my surprise, there was a Dove Anti-Persperant & Deoderant spray for Women in the box, along with a similar product labeled Dove for Men.  How cool! I have a husband, so now I can recruit him to try stuff alongside me (I figured that we’ll either both love the product or hate it, or split 50-50 in the review). His bottle hasn’t gotten a review from him yet (but stay posted, I plan on hitting him up for an opinion this week), but I have tried mine.  So, on to the review.


Review:  The product smells pleasant, with a light semi-fruity/semi-floral and fresh fragrance to it.  Bonus: it truly does apply in a dry fashion.  There was no visible marks where I sprayed (so no white stuff in my arm pits. Yeah, great visual. Sorry about that).  In addition, when I got dressed after applying, my clothes remained remarkably deoderant residue free. This is a big deal for me, as most deoderant and antiperspirant products labeled “invisible” end up being anything but that on my clothes.  I found that I still smell of the product by the end of the day instead of a mix of sweat and deoderant perfume.  I would buy this product again, and would be willing to try different scents if available.  So, the handy dandy Walgreens $1.50 off coupon that was included will definitely be put to good use in my household.