Welcome to the Beauty Jungle!

head shot from NJ in Aug 2012  Welcome to The Beauty Jungle, your new spot for information, reviews, ideas and tips on all things beauty.  I am your guide, the Barbarasaurus Rex (but you can just call me B-Rex for short to keep things friendly) as we travel through the vast landscape of the beauty industry.  As my family’s elected & current ruling Glamazon, I have years of watching, questioning, learning, and noting the beauty rituals, products, procedures and concepts of the generations before me, and of my contemporaries.

I’ve earned a bit of a reputation amongst those I know as being the go-to person to ask about beauty questions, so I wanted to open the proverbial doors to you, the public.  Feel free to pick my brain and ask questions or to comment in my blog.  I can’t promise that time will allow me to answer each & every question or comment immediately and/or personally, but I will try my best to address the pressing issues that are put to me in a timely fashion.

Please let me start off with an important disclaimer:  All of the opinions expressed in my blog will be solely my own, as based upon my personal experiences (*unless I specifically make reference of an anecdote I based from someone else’s personal experience, which would only be done with their authorization, and with the names changed to protect their privacy).   Also:  I’m not endorsed by any companies, nor am I blindly “brand loyal” based on what professional media may say about a specific item, brand, or such.  I’m simply a Gen X American gal who tries to squeeze the absolute most out of every last cent of my “beauty budget”, and wants to share what valuable information I have amassed with others seeking the same information, should you want it.

With this mission in mind, I want to outline what I feel will be my blog format for you.  There should be a good cross-section of price points for products, tools & perhaps even some “dupe” (lower cost duplicates for higher priced products) when it comes to the product reviews.   I’m open to discussing beauty looks, techniques, trends and ideas that are suggested, requested or otherwise come up.  I’ll try anything (*not overtly poisonous, dangerous, permanent or illegal) at least once on the basis of beauty science when it comes to trends.  I believe in humor, and in casual, respectful interactions with my readers.  Honesty is my policy, though, when it comes to reporting my results, and while this might not make everyone happy, my real goal in life is to make myself happy, and to help others also make themselves happy (I could insert a quote from Godfather II in here now about “if you’re happy, I’m happy” but I’ll try to stay on topic.)

In the end, I firmly believe that no one person can dictate what you, the reader, like, love, hate, are neutral towards, or what works/doesn’t work for you.  So, please, exercise your own common sense, personal safety, and do your homework when it comes to all things beauty.  I recommend that perhaps keep your own notebook or journal to record your own results, so that you can build your own reference guide of what works for you from what’s out there (procedure, product and information-wise), and remember, confidence and self-esteem are the most beautiful traits of all.

Love, hugs, and the best of all wishes,

Barbarella the B-Rex