The Alligator in NYC

For those of you who may not know me, I live in the greater New York City metro area.  I’m a transplanted New Yorker, born & raised, and after a decade-plus stint in another time zone, I’ve been back in my “home turf” in the Northeast for almost 4 years.  During this time, I’ve had the ability to grow my group of friends to include some very, very awesome & talented “twenty-somethings”, and we as such tend to gather in what we call our “Limited Engagements” to spend our gal pal time across the area, including in New York City proper.

This past Saturday (4/26/14), I had the pleasure of gathering with my Limited Engagement pals Daring Danielle & Becca to see an amazing 2 woman show (which one of the ladies, Harmony Joy was part of) in the West Village area of New York City.  During this girls night out, I was able to elaborate to the other gals my blog goals, and to try to brainstorm with them for ideas for the first “content laden” blog post.  Here’s what we came up with.

On the drive down to the City, we chatted about makeup in general.  Topics such as brands, brushes, application procedures and how to achieve the same finished effect on your own that you received when you pay for a pro makeup artist (either outright pay them to do your makeup or buy products so they’ll do your makeup) were popular.  I realized that no matter what background you have, and no matter what industry you get into, a uniting topic for most women & some men (hey, I have a good deal of LGBT friends and don’t exclude) is grooming & beauty, and that since much of what’s on the market about this topic is mostly geared to sell a person stuff, it’s hard to get at the nitty-gritty of what’s real information in order to learn what works for you & how to get your money’s worth from a product.

After traipsing down West 14th Street, from 9th Avenue down to 7th Avenue & after a fun window shopping expedition to a vintage clothing store called Rags A-GoGo (website: in case anyone needs to desperately find a pale peach double-knit 1970’s jump suit for the reasonable price of $28), our group had a pit stop at a 24 Hour Duane Reade pharmacy & drugstore for an ATM run.

Lo & behold, what greeted our eyes when we first walked into the drugstore was this:  A HUGE display, all glossy & black in color [to portray a slick, sophisticated & urban image, the marketing classes in my educational history tell me] screaming “GOSH COSMETICS” (homepage is  We all looked at each other & asked “have you ever heard of this line?” Honestly, none of us could say yes.  This display, with its wares in it, was completely foreign to us.  Yes, it had its line of “required” products that it seems any current cosmetics line needs to carry in order to catch our consumer eyes as of late: a line of BB cream, funky colored nail polishes, sleekly packaged and chromed out lip gloss tubes.  But, what did it have to justify its price point of between $10 & $28 for a product?  Hmmm…

We decided to leave it be, and if we passed by again on our rounds that evening, perhaps we’d vote on a product communally to buy & try for the blog.  After all, it’s a Beauty Jungle out there, and it’s my job to try to answer the kinds of questions the 3 of us ladies had come up against in our brief run-in with that new cosmetics wall.

Fast forward to later that night.  We’re headed back to the car, again on West 7th Avenue, and pass by the same Duane Reade.  We decide, let’s do this.  After a brief review of the items and how we’d figure out what to test, we selected a waterproof eyeliner pencil in a deep emerald shade of green with some slight gold shimmer named “Aligator”.  How perfect! It keeps with the urban theme of the night (anyone hear the old urban legend about aligators in the New York City sewer system?) and yet is an “it” enough shade that it’s something any of us 3 ladies would gravitate towards in our normal make-up shopping.

I’ve taken a photo of Aligator for posterity, and it’s below, next to the photo of the swatches of the color on each of our hands (please excuse the poor lighting results from my phone camera).  I did this in order to showcase how it looks on different skin tones & shades so that you, the reader, can know what to expect (since I don’t have a decent video setup yet for this kind of blogging).  The swatches are on 2 warm undertones (one is on my deeper golden medium to olive tan skin, and the other on Daring Danielle, who has a golden fair skin tone) while one is on a neutral to cool fair skin tone (Becca).


OK, so here’s the actual review portion of the post (thank you for your patience & for suffering through my babbling of a story to get where we now are, at the meat & potatoes of the post).


I want to first start with the basics on the company (here’s the summary of who they are from their site): “GOSH Cosmetics is a young and innovative cosmetics, bath & body and fragrance company based in Denmark.  Founded in 1945 as a pharmaceutical company, GOSH quickly moved into the cosmetics industry.  GOSH Cosmetics products are currently sold in more than 75 countries throughout the world.”  Huh. 75 countries.  I’ve traveled a little, and know a bunch of international students, friends, family friends, etc. from a bunch of places.  Never heard of them before. Maybe their Duane Reade stand is their breakout American debut? I mean, their website later goes on to clarify that they didn’t start out with cosmetics, but instead grew to branch out to include cosmetics.  Perhaps this is why I first heard of GOSH this past Saturday.

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof is soft and easy to apply with an amazing colour pay-off, can easily be toned out with a brush or an applicator. Contains Vitamin-E and Jojoba oil. Perfume free. Comes in 19 colours. – See more at:

I found this product detail information on the Gosh Cosmetics company page about the eyeliner: “GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof is soft and easy to apply with an amazing colour pay-off, can easily be toned out with a brush or an applicator.  Contains Vitamin-E and Jojoba oil.  Perfume free.  Comes in 19 colours.”  Aside from the European-style English description, this is a fairly accurate description of the texture of the eye liner.

The eyeliner is smooth, creamy, and has a light, comfortable texture to it. There’s no tugging, skipping, or pulling when applying to the eye area or when we swatched the liner on ourselves.  The pigment load is intense, and it even goes on smoothly over eye shadow (I line my eyes as the next to last step in my eye makeup routine, just before the mascara stage). It stays damp and workable for a few seconds, which allows you to blend it out (if you tend to do the smudgy liner look) or to set the liner with a powder of your choice (colorless or a matching color shadow) if you, like I, prefer to lock your makeup like this.  I found the liner has great staying power too; I washed my hands & it still stayed on. However, a cotton pad with eye makeup remover took it off without a problem. I n fact, this liner reminds me of a smoother version of the Urban Decay liners, but for less money ($12 versus $20). Overall, I give this product & formula of liner an A letter grade. I will now feel free to seek the line out from other retailers & get more colors.

As far as the company website goes, this is my review:  While they have a comprehensive list of the products they offer, they didn’t have a list of shades for each product, color swatches, or much on the site.  Also, you can’t shop directly from this site.  This is a B grade to me.  The website should suck you in! You should want to seek this product out, even if you have to eBay it, and buy it! BUY IT NOW! But, maybe they teach marketing in a different way in Northern Europe? Oh well.  However, this site offers links to YouTube videos of  instructions, ideas and trends that make up for the inability to shop directly from their website.  So, when this is factored in, I have to give their site an A minus.

So, try it for yourself & leave me comments. Do you agree with my findings? Disagree? Have new ideas on how to use this product? Want to show off looks you created with it? Then don’t forget to comment this post!

Love & beauty to all!

GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof is soft and easy to apply with an amazing colour pay-off, can easily be toned out with a brush or an applicator. Contains Vitamin-E and Jojoba oil. Perfume free. Comes in 19 colours. – See more at: